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Meet Adrienne Honeyman, the face behind OKU.

" I am a Scottish Jeweller, Artist and Maker based on the East Coast of Scotland. I create and design from the inspiration I find in the everyday stories of life and landscapes as well as ideas that pop into my head out of nowhere. Im drawn to colour and the effects that it can produce by looking and wearing them.

All pieces are created from my spirit and heart. I love colour and experimenting with colour clashing to create stand out pieces for the wearer. It was not until I turned 50 this year that I found confidence to express myself in colours and embrace a new way of living, regardless of the number on my scales and worrying about what other people think. I love experimenting with colour in my pieces and although a lot of my pieces are designed using precious silver with enamelling techniques and colouring my own aluminium, you will find me using other material when the colour catches my eye. 

I also design and create art work and sculptures in a multi media approach, which can incorporate discarded material along with the new.

II love the journey to the end product which can be simple and elegant or quirky and eclectic. 

The material I most love working with is kiln fired enamelling and hand dying anodised aluminium. Both mediums can prove challenging to work with and sometimes the outcome can be serendipity and something that cannot be replicated. This provides individual unique pieces for you to wear."

Oku (oh-coo in Scottish) means a warm invitation in Igbo and that's what Adrienne wants you to feel. Welcome to her home of handmade, enjoy what you see and come back again soon!